Insectram | QR Pest Management Software
Bored of paperwork?

Bored of paperwork?




Insectram For You...

All your business in one screen

Sustainable Pest Management for our Future


Advanced Pest Management with Insectram

All the processes at your fingertips.
Online and instant reporting with real-time data

Made by the experts, only for the Pest Control Industry

Coming directly from the field - A user friendly software for your company because it was prepared by the pest controllers who know best for the operations and the difficulties you face.

Internationally Accepted

Complies with all local and international indicators & standards as AIB, BRC, FSSC, IFS , ISO etc..


No fixed modules, written in-house and continuously developed. Just ask for an upgrade.

No Fraud.

No technicians can enter data in our system without reading the QR on the customer premises.

The Data Talks, Not the People

QR coded follow-up for all your clients and their field operations.

Safe and Complete Data

A cloud-based software developed to minimize the data gap between the field service operations, main office and the customers.


Management for both sides of the table: PCOs and CLIENTS