Insectram | QR Pest Management Software

INSECTRAM Integrated Pest Management Software

  • Audit Module

    Files according to your own company specifications are generated here as maps, reports, certificates etc 

    - As the user authorisation levels are different for all members from the customer side and pest controller side, each user will see his/her files which are designated to him/her by their access rights. 
    - Pest control company registration files, ISO certificates and other international certificates such as BPCA , NPMA etc 
    - Technicians data such as training certificates , driving licences etc. giving full and instant control of technicians 
    - Monitoring point lists, maps, pesticide usage lists and more are all kept up-to-date

  • Quality Management Module

    When operating your business you must comply with all the standards world-wide such as BRC, AIB, IFS, ISO etc.

    Risk analysis and technical inspections will be managed in this module while your quality control teams or technicians are in the field.

    Photographs are uploaded to provide proof and traceability in the field thru the Conformity & Suggestions Module. No user can close a task unless it is supported by photographic proof and efficiency is continually tracked throughout the system.

    Customised reports will be managed here in this module.

  • Operations Module

    To boost your company’s reliability and efficiency and to create all reports by the unique application on your phone

    - Work orders are created for individual or team based field operators. 
    - No possibility of fraud. No technicians can check in our system without going to the field and reading the QR at the customer premises. Our unique safe QR coded system will protect you and your business. 
    - The data collected from the field will be uploaded directly to the cloud and can not be changed without your client’s permission. 
    - With the industry requested reports of BRC or AIB such as the “Regional Trend Analysis” you will see a parity analysis of the premises and buildings risks and activities found by the technicians, giving you the insight to know what to do and where to fight first.